Database Cleansing, Cross Channel Tactics and Other Ways to Avoid Marketing Failures

Who Are You Trying to Contact?

The importance of database cleansing is something which can’t be underestimated. When you try to sell something to someone and get their name, number or address wrong then you are simply wasting your time. Even if you maintain your records pretty well you will still find that some are wrong because people have moved, changed phone number or even died. There is no easy way round this other than getting some database cleansing work carried out before you start contacting your leads with offers.

How Will You Do It?

Do you prefer to use email, the phone or conventional letters? More importantly, what do the people you are going to contact prefer? In some cases this is relatively easy to calculate. If you are targeting a certain sector of the community then this can give you the information you need. For example, young people will probably prefer email, while older people might like to get a letter through their door. An intelligent move is to use the cross channel approach. This means that you could send out an email first and then follow it up with a phone call, or vice versa.

What Will You Say?

Having a powerful and compelling message to give to your leads is the best way to try and get some positive results. This comes naturally to some people but not to others. You might like to give a few of your colleagues a shot at coming up with the perfect wording. You can then all get together and decide which ones to use. If you do it this way then you need to make it clear to everyone involved that it is all about getting the right results and that no one should take rejection of their ideas too badly. Once you have the message crafted, it is a question of getting it out there. For emails you can use bulk email sending software which helps you send them out really quickly while avoiding getting sent to the recipients’ spam folders. For phone calls and letter sending the process will be a bit more labour intensive.

How Did It Work Out?

So you have done your database cleansing, thought long and hard about your communication method and then even longer and even harder about what you will say. Did it work? With a little bit of luck it worked perfectly the first time around. If it didn’t then you just need to sit down again and try to work out where you went wrong. If you do keep on doing the right things then everything will click into place for you sooner or later.

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