Entourage Repair to Fix Application Crashes and Database Corruption

Is your Entourage application crashing every time you try to open it? Are you unable to access data from Entourage database as it crashes when you try to perform general email operations on it? Well the problem may occur due to damaged database or even corrupt database objects. To overcome this problem, you need to opt for Entourage repair solutions.

As a practical example of this problem, you may run across any of the below behaviors of the email client-

  • Entourage crashes every time you open it.
  • You rebuild the Entourage identity using Database Utility but the problem persists.
  • You have to force quit the application after it crashes and reopen it.
  • The same problem re-occurs even after reinstalling Microsoft Office for Mac.

You may encounter this issue due to any of the following reasons-

  • You have an Exchange Server account and the application is trying to download a damaged message from the server.
  • The installation of the application or operating system preferences is corrupt.
  • Entire database is damaged and application is unable to read it.


You can try out any of the following methods to repair Entourage database in such cases-

  • If you have scheduled Entourage to download emails from Exchange Server, then make sure it is not downloading a damaged message. In case the problem is due to damaged massage, then delete the message through web account.
  • Repair disk permissions using Disk Utility.
  • Restore the corrupt database from updated backup.

If none of the above methods work, use third-party Entourage database recovery software. Entourage repair software are particularly designed to perform thorough scan of corrupt database using advanced scanning algorithms.

They repair Entourage database safely with read-only and non-destructive conduct. Entourage database repair tools do not demand sound technical skills as of their simple and rich-graphical user interface. Such tools work in all cases of database corruption.

Source by Subhash Choudhary

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