Guidelines To Prevent Access Database From Being Corrupted

Databases have become an important part of any working organization. Databases are used for the storage of bulk of data and its processing which is not handled by layman. MS access is database application that comes with the MS Office package. MS access is a very easy and user friendly software and is used by most of the people.

This database application may undergo in the failure state due to many reasons like power failure, virus attack, password stolen, data duplication, accidental deletion and any physical or logical damage to the system.

Such kind of damages brings a lot of frustration to the user of database. Some of the plans should be made to prevent it from disaster.

– Try to divide your database in to halves. First half of database will be having forms, reports and queries while the 2nd half will contain tables with all the data entries. First half is called front-end and 2nd half is back-end. Both of these front-end and back-end modules should be saved on separate computers connected in a network. This will minimize the failure of database as data gets moved from local computer to the network computer might bring chances of inaccessibility.

– It is suggested to close the MS Access application after its use because when application will remain open it may corrupt the database files due to unexpected breakage of network connection. If your automated backup software starts creating backup in off timings and finds Ms Access application open then backup process will not done properly.

– Properly exiting the database is the best option other than closing it using short cut keys.

– Try to use secure and reliable network computers, connections and NIC’s (network interface cards) because any damage or error to network may spoil the database automatically.

– Use strong and secure password for databases. Make habit of changing your password on regular intervals so to minimize the chances of hacking.

– Use built in database repair system for MS access on weekly basis.

– Create backups of databases on regular basis to lessen the panic of data loss.

These are tips to minimize the data loss chances. But if you still encountered the problem of database loss then Geeksnerds Limited Database Recovery is the one which will repair and fix your every kind of database damages and will bring back all lost reports, forms and tables. You can contact us 24 hours a day.

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