How to Prepare for Technical Interview of Oracle Database Administration Job

Oracle DBA Interview questions are designed to test your DBA acumen, as well as other skills such as writing SQL, optimization of database queries, schema designs, relational databases etc. Most of these other skills are tied closely to a software development role, rather than an Oracle DBA. But other skills are also sought after by interviewers. The reason is that in an organization, an Oracle DBA is considered an authority on anything related to Databases. It includes not just Database Administration, but also on issues related to Database-related development. Almost all software development in an IT organization involves some kind of database.

Brush up your tech knowledge:

This is a must. Almost invariably, you will be asked technical questions, regardless if you are a fresher, or you are a seasoned Database Administrator.

Before walking to the interview room, focus on the technical aspects of a Database Administrator.

Don’t forget to visit the official Oracle website to check out what the latest version of Oracle out there is and what is in pipeline. The upcoming trends in the DBMS industry, in general, are something an interview expects you to know.

Keep your hands-on skills fresh:

If you are an experienced Database administrator, but have not been hands-on for last few weeks or months, brush up your hand-on skills.

Log on to a an Oracle console and run a few well know Oracle commands, just get your hand-on touch back.

Interviewers ask interviewees very hand-on questions on the table, even offering them a Oracle console just to check out how much hand-on a person is!

Prepare your own real-time experiences as a Database Admin:

Your primary skill being a Database Administrator, an interviewer will seek to assess your ability as a Database Administrator.

You will be asked questions on your own real-life experience, if you enter the interview room backed by a few years of DBMS Administration experience.

Keep in mind that most of the interviewers are actively involved in day-to-day operations of an organization. They are most likely to have faced a few real-time problems in the Databases in the recent past. So, expect a few situation-based questions. You don’t necessarily have to know the exact solution, but the interviewer will look how you approach the problem, and if you possess the problem-solving aptitude.

Know your rivals:

Rival Databases like Sybase, IBM DB2 always offer something different to Oracle.

As an Oracle DBA (read expert!), you should be able to express your opinion on rivals, their advantages, and more importantly, Oracle’s own limitations in comparison. This kind of knowledge is expected out of a seasoned Database Administrator. If you are a fresher, you should at least know the salient point about the rival Databases.

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