Important Interview Questions Pertaining to the Job of Database Administration

As far as the job of database administration is concerned, it is an important task that can be executed only by responsible people. You must fulfill all the requirements that are necessary for qualifying as a data administrator. Make sure that you have prepared all the necessary database schemes. If you are familiar with the procedures and permits of Data Administration, you will surely excel in this field.

This article covers all the basic questions that are put up by the interviewers during the course of an interview. I am sure that this editorial will prove fruitful for you.

1. Tell Us Something About RDBMS?

RDBMS or Relational Data Base Management System basically refers to the maintenance of the data records in form of tables. These records also include an index. You can create data relationships and make every possible effort to maintain them. You can establish an array for this purpose. This is the best available option as, it permits us an easy access to the services. RDBMS has the ability to recombine facts and figures, which are present in different files.

2. How will you define Data Redundancy?

This term comes under the spotlight when similar kind of facts and figures are stored in the database for multiple number of times. For example, two children having same names can study under same class. But they need to be differentiated from each other. This task can be accomplished with the help of a student ID. This was a real life example. In terms of data, the facts can be stored under one single system but under two different addresses. This phenomenon is termed as Data redundancy.

3. Is Data Redundancy Harmful for the database?

Yes, this is quite risky. In fact this is the essential thing which must be reduced during the normalization.

4. Mention The Name Of Various Keys?

There are three keys which are listed below.

a. Unique Keys

b. Primary Keys

c. Foreign Keys

5. What do you know about the first normal forms?

When the database is free from any sort of data redundancy then, this is said to be in the state of first normal form.

6. Name any other normal form?

There are three normal forms. Apart from the first normal form, Boyce Cod normal form is another essential and highly recognized normal form.

I hope that you are helped with the information provided by this article. All the best for your upcoming years in this field!

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