Intelligent Database Systems

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"This book covers a broad subject area yet still has a depth that makes it a valuable resource for anyone working on intelligent database systems. Good background coverage of both the field of databases and that of AI are provided in the first part of the book, and later there are some excellent analytical discussions of relevant projects. The authors adopt a very readable style which enables a complex topic to become much more accessible."
– Jenny Carter, Department of Computer Science, De Montfort University

This book provides a state of the art guide to the new developments in expert database systems, from the unique perspective of both the database and AI areas. It gives complete and detailed coverage of the latest research and practice, including all the need-to-know technical and theoretical approaches in the area.

Drawing on their extensive experience, the authors evaluate how AI techniques can be integrated with present and future database systems and knowledge based management systems, incorporating AI expertise into system design. The book also addresses the techniques developed recently which are directly used, or are the basis, for data retrieval across the world wide web.

If you are a designer or developer working in the database community, with database and AI products or applications, this book will help you to understand crucial research developments and to apply the results in practice.

· Mechanisms for handling data and knowledge including XML, web indexing, search engines & data mining
· Object Oriented Database Management Systems and object-relational DBMS
· Data modeling including techniques such as Entity Relationship, Functional Data & Semantic Database models, as well as using the notations for modeling (OMT & UML)

Plus! Extended case studies of commercial systems

About the authors:
Elisa Bertino is a well known expert in the integration of AI and database techniques, areas of O-O, distributed, deductive and multimedia databases and database security. She has chaired and given tutorials at many international conferences and published hundreds of journal papers and a book. Elisa is currently a professor of computer science at the University of Milan.

Barbara Catania is an assistant professor of computer science at the University of Genova, specializing in deductive and multimedia databases, and indexing techniques in object-oriented and constraint databases. She has presented at a number of international conferences and co-authored a book.

Gian Piero Zarri is an internationally renowned consultant and researcher in the areas of knowledge-based systems, natural-language processing, databases and information retrieval systems. He is on the editorial board of a number of international scientific journals and on the program committee of many conferences on Knowledge-Based Systems. Gian Piero currently works as Research Director for CNRS, the French National Centre for Scientific Research.


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