Learn Microsoft Access 2010 Database Training CD Course

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Microsoft Access 2010 database software training is a quick and easy interactive program to help you learn the essential features of Access 2010 and beyond. This is a self-paced program to guide you from start to finish without any prior knowledge of database.

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Office Access 2007 * Opening up Access 2007 * Getting started with access options and tools * Getting started with templates * Getting started with blank databases and recent databases * The Function Area * The Navigation pane * Tabbed documents * The status bar

Lesson 2: Design and Creation of a database: student * Design a database * Create a sample database: student * Create datasheet relationships * Create indexes * Edit field types * Edit table structure * Format datasheets

Lesson 3: Various Types of Queries * Create a select query * Create a parameter query * Create a cross tab query * Create a criteria query * Perform calculation using a query * Create an operation query * Create an SQL query

Lesson 4: Forms * Command button used to create form * Create a form using the Form Wizard * Create forms using the Form Tool * Create a split form * Use form design view to create and edit a form * Applying controls in the form design view * Create a switchboard form

Lesson 5: Reports * Use the Report Tool to create a report * Use the Report Wizard to create a report * Use the Label Wizard to create labels * Create a report using design view * Editing a report * Sorting and grouping in a report * Calculations in a report * Printing reports

Step 1: Understand the basic concept of Microsoft Database without prior knowledge of any access nor database experience
Step 2: Get familiar with the new interface of Access 2010 and its essential functions
Step 3: Create a sample database from scratch and apply to your own projects
Training time ~ 8 hours with sample files, Learn 10x faster than reading a book

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