MBA Jobs in India to Grow Exponentially in the Near Future!

The India Skills Report 2015 compiled by Wheebox gives an account of the various skills in demand across different states and sectors. As for MBA jobs, 43.99 percent of candidates with MBA degree were found to be employable, after making them sit for the Wheebox Employability Skills Test (WEST).

The 2014 Global employer Survey gives an account of an unmatched recruitment market worldwide. Out of the total 35,000 responses received, 5,669 have actively recruited MBA's over a three year period. The report pointed out that going by the boom years, the demand for MBA's in Asia has settled at a sustainable rate of 11 percent.

The demand of MBA's in India is swelling in areas like consulting and professional services, manufacturing, IT / computer services, finance and micro-finance. Since 2011, India is competing with the USA to be the largest MBA job market and there are no signals of this trend fading away with a projected growth of 8 percent for 2015.

MBA, a popular course among the students

There are more than 3,000 business schools all over the country. The number of B-schools in the country grew to an estimated 4,500 in 2012-13 from 3,000 in 2009-10. Moreover, as per the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), 3, 54,421 students were enrolled for MBA in 3,364 institutions across the country FY 2014.

So what's new for the MBA graduates?

The booming big data industry is likely to create over 30,000 jobs in the near future. Majorly, MBA's would be the benefited lot, as their skills and educational background would help in the big data processing. As per the industry insiders, e-commerce sector would be pioneering the use of big data and analytics in the country. Need of MBA graduates in India is being piloted by increased spending on technology, targeting cloud tech and data. With the explosion in big data, the conventional MBA roles such as marketing and finance are being molded by technological advancements.

With big data boom, there are not only splendid opportunities in the IT sector but also organizations are looking for MBA's who can integrate vanguard technologies with regular business functions such as marketing and finance. For careers in big data and analytics career, MBA's shall see multiple job offers coming their way. Thus, it would be right to conclude that MBA can be a good career option, given you have the right attitude and approach.

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