Road To The Stars (Doroga K Zvezdam)

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(as of Oct 28,2019 21:15:55 UTC – Details)

From the director of “Planet Of Storms” comes this ultra-realistic look at man’s first attempt to conquer the realm of space travel. Armed with a high budget and a hearty respect for the Sci-Fi genre, Pavel Klushantsev created a film that was visually ahead of almost anything done before. And in some respects he was significantly ahead of his time. The 360-degree cabin walk from “2001: A Space Odyssey” was first done in “Road To The Stars”. Likewise the free-falling astronaut in space from the same film. And his astronauts land on the moon in a ‘lunar module’ (and not a full sized space ship) as was the case in the actual first moon landing that followed 11 years later. Certainly a case of life imitating art!
With well-thought out sets and costumes, plus a thorough researching of the subject, Klushantsev creates the most realistic vision of space travel put of film at the time!
PLUS: “Meteorites”- strange visitors to earth streaking through the night sky. Where do they come from, how did they get here and what effect do they have on mankind?
Monster Ship (excerpt)
– Take a couple of space babes, add a wacky robot and some goofy monsters and top off with stock footage obtained from “Road To The Stars”. What do you get ? The incredibly cheesy ‘Monster Ship’.

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