The Divine Database by Doni Shultz

With The Divine Database, Doni Shultz has opened a door for people to explore the classic process of dowsing as a means of improving and enhancing your current lot in life. In many centuries, past dowsing was employed as a means of divination to discover sources of food, water, shelter, and other means of sustenance. As time wore on, technology replaced dowsing as a process for such discovery. Doni Shultz has not opted to reexamine this classic process and employ it to attain success in life.

In ancient days, a spiritual power was tapped into and this power helped enhance their potential for survival. In many ways, this spiritual power opens the door to attaining a higher level of consciousness. This allows you to ascertain the information you need in order to answer any question in life.

The Divine Database: How to Use Dowsing to Make Wise Choices with Confidence shows displays many of the steps that can be employed to tap into the power of dowsing. Once you have tapped into this power, you will be surprised as how you will be able to deal with the many complex problems and challenges associated with life.

At the most basic level, this process will help restore your mind to a level that is primed for effective function. When you are able to free the mind from various “psychological noise” that can hamper clarity, you will find your mind operates in a much better and easier way.

Once you have achieved such clarity of mind, you have the potential to make it work for you effectively. Those that may have suffered many varied setbacks on their career path will discover that access to The Divine Database may boost their potential to achieve tremendous rewards on the job. There is no longer a reason to feel trapped in a particular job. Doni Shultz has opened pathways that have been closed for centuries. Exploring the theories and techniques put forth in this book/audio series may prove enormously helpful. Actually, the process could prove to be more than helpful. It could prove to be life changing. Certainly, that would be a welcome alternative to whatever position you may currently find yourself.

It is also important to point out that The Divine Database is not just a tome that defines what the process is. Doni Shultz also presents a clear program regarding how to cultivate the process and truly make it work for you. A solid roadmap in this regard is put forth and those willing to follow the roadmap will discover the entire process to be enlightening and rewarding. This is a work that can change your life for the better. All you need to do is put the advice presented in it to practice.

The Divine Database by Doni Shultz truly is a work of inspired brilliance. It presents insight into a process of personal improvement that had previously been lost to history. That alone makes it an intriguing work well worth examining.

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