Visual Factory Management & Control Case: Rugged RFID with a Database On Board – Industrial Radio Frequency Identification

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This publication is a professional quality DVD video covering rugged RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) methods and solutions. RFID is a major enabler in terms of tracing products, processes, accounting for inventory changes close to real-time, and integrating supply chains with the purpose of cutting losses and making any enterprise leaner. On its own, RFID is an exciting technology only… the key is to integrate RFID into a transparent, visually controlled business. VFM is an integrated set of methods and technologies for the purpose of reducing waste at all levels, improving profitability, increasing lean production control, product & process quality, productivity, safety, on-demand / just-in-time (JIT) production / delivery, and employee morale in a factory, or virtually in any business. In this video we discuss durable RFID designs with pharmaceutical, automotive, packaging, quality control, and other application examples, the integrated antenna controller, RFID cost issues, RFID tag read / write strategies, RFID networks and configuration control software, RFID tag-embedded database aspects, gateway concentrators and Ethernet connectivity, real-time performance monitoring / reporting and data-logging, error message management, connectivity and traceability, and process bottleneck analysis issues with real-world examples. In terms of VFM with RFID, the next step is typically the implementation of a ‘Five S’, a ‘Lean Six-Sigma’, and a ‘Monozukuri’ program. (See more about these methods and technologies in Professor Ranky’s Library.) System Requirements: DVD-ROM: NTSC standard definition (SD) DVD video player for TV, or computer. Approximate length 23 minutes, in 16:9 widescreen format, also playable on a 4:3 regular screen, or any good computer screen (800 x 600 resolution, or better). Furthermore available in PAL DVD video, in streamed digital, and Apple Video iPod formats. The HD (high-definition NTSC and PAL) formats are also available as soon as the

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