Where is the Centralized Hurricane Katrina Disaster Database?

It is amazing to me in this age of computer technology we have some many families that are still split up and searching for each other. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has an Entire section of there Web Page at missingkids.com set up just to get these children back with their loved ones.

The mad rush is now over. The majority of the people who want to be evacuated from the Hurricane Katrina Disaster area have now been brought to safety. Over 50,000 troops are in the Gulf coast area helping to restore order, Drain the water and search for people either alive or dead who fell through the cracks.

We now need a centralized Database where the names of all the displaced Hurricane Katrina victims are stored. This could be as simple as setting up computer operators at the different shelters and creating a Hurricane Katrina ID card for each person in the Shelter. The creation of the card would serve 2 purposes.

  1. It would get the people entered into the system and create centralized Database of Displaced People
  2. It would now make it easy as people are moved to track their whereabouts.

The Database could be used to reunite families that were separated during the Disaster. The Database could also be used to help family members who were not in the disaster Area locate family members who were.

Source by Mike Makler

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