Will Universal DNA Database Stop Crime?

Many in government and especially law enforcement are calling for a national DNA database. The Medical and Health Insurance Industry wants one and they have the lobbyists on “K-Street” to get anything passed Congress. Including monthly rectum inspection of everyone in the country, except the politicians who are most likely already being served in a similar way by the callboys paid for by the same group.

Perhaps you are a privacy rights activist and this is bothersome to your line of thinking. Yet many say it would stop crime and it would work better than fingerprints in catching perpetrators. But would a universal DNA Database curb crime? Well it would certainly help probably, however most likely would not completely stop it.

Some are already working on efficient ways to collect samples at birth and encode this data on Social Security Cards, Smart Cards and Real ID cards. Perhaps it will start with immigrants into the country first. Or those with work visas, student visas and new citizens. Indeed the citizens will demand convicted felons to have them also as they get out of jail.

Have you considered the implications of a Universal Human DNA database in the United States, Europe, China and other nations? It maybe coming sooner than you think and there are some benefits to hospitals and first responders too, as this information in the future will be vital to proper treatments and medicines. Consider this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow

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